Gingival Recontouring: Improving a Gummy Smile

Concerned about your gummy smile? Wondering how you can make a change?

We have a solution! Vivid Orthodontics is thrilled to offer diode soft-tissue laser treatment to painlessly remove excess gum tissue for our patients.

The procedure, called gingival recontouring or gum recontouring, is performed by Dr. Maslowski or Dr. Michel with a laser to remove excess gum tissue covering the teeth.  Not only does the laser remove excess gum tissue, it also evens out gum contours which create the perfect symmetry to complement orthodontic treatment results.

Gingival recontouring usually takes under an hour and consists of placing a topical anesthetic (numbing gel), rinsing and drying the tissue, and then removing the unwanted gum tissue.

Is gingival recontouring painful?

Fortunately, gingival recontouring is relatively pain-free.  Dr. Maslowski and Dr. Michel use a topical anesthetic for the treatment which is usually all that is needed to mitigate discomfort.  Patients often compare the pain of gingival recontouring to that of a pizza burn.

How long does it take to heal?

Good news!  The gum tissue heals very quickly after the procedure is complete.  Healing time is usually less than a week.  If any discomfort occurs, there are tips to follow:

  • Do warm salt water rinses.
  • Utilize over-the-counter pain relievers as needed.
  • Eat soft and cold foods (especially ice cream) which are great for the first couple of days as the gum tissue heals.
  • Avoid overly crunchy, salty, and spicy foods in the days following treatment as they can irritate the treated areas.
  • Brush and floss the treated areas GENTLY. While the gums may be tender, it is necessary to keeps these areas clean as they heal.

What else can be done with the laser?

The soft-tissue laser has many uses outside of reducing a gummy smile.  Other uses of the laser include:

  • Removal of tissue surrounding slowly erupting teeth to accelerate orthodontic treatment.
  • Prevention and accelerated healing of canker sores.
  • Prevention and accelerated healing of cold sores.

Interested in laser treatment in our office?   Schedule a complimentary consultation HERE.  Appointments can also be made by calling (920) 231-4922 for our Oshkosh or Wautoma locations or (920) 739-2400 for our Appleton location.  No dentist referral is needed.  We proudly serve the Fox Valley including Oshkosh, Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Little Chute, Grand Chute, Kaukauna and Greenville.

Note: If the excess gum tissue is too severe for the laser available in our office, we may refer you to a specialist for the procedure.