Braces vs. Aligners

Orthodontic treatment is always evolving, allowing Dr. Maslowski and Dr. Michel to provide more treatment options than ever before to patients.  But how do you know which orthodontic treatment is right for you?

The two most common types of treatment are traditional braces or aligner systems, such as Invisalign®.  So we’ve broken down the pros and cons of each option to help you make an informed decision on which treatment suits your lifestyle.

Traditional Braces

Traditional braces can be done with either metal or ceramic (clear) brackets.  Each bracket system works the same; however, ceramic brackets are a little more esthetic and less noticeable on the teeth.

Pros of metal and ceramic braces:

  • All adjustments are done in the office, you won’t have to remember to take aligners in and out.
  • Brackets are fixed to the teeth and will stay in place until we remove them.
  • Custom colors allow you to add personality to the brackets.  They’ll become your newest accessory!  Match the elastics to the colors for your favorite holiday, sports team, or whatever suits you best!

Cons of metal and ceramic braces:

  • Food restrictions are necessary.  You must discontinue eating anything really sticky or crunchy to avoid breaking brackets or putting unwanted bends in your wires.
  • More appointments are necessary since all adjustments are made in the office.  Appointments are usually scheduled every 6-8 weeks.
  • Brackets are not as esthetically pleasing.
  • Brushing and flossing require extra care to get around the brackets and wires.
  • Repairs are needed more frequently as brackets, wires and elastics can become loose if certain foods are not avoided.


Invisalign® is an advanced aligner system that can be used to treat small imperfections and comprehensive cases.  Invisalign® has grown in its capabilities, allowing Dr. Maslowski and Dr. Michel to treat a large variety of cases utilizing the aligner system.  Many adults choose Invisalign® as their preferred method of treatment because it is discreet and removable.

Pros of Invisalign®:

  • Aligners are esthetically pleasing; most people will not even notice you are wearing them.
  • There are no food restrictions with aligners since you remove them to eat and to drink.
  • Fewer appointments are necessary in our office.  Aligners are sent with you to change on specific dates.  Our orthodontists will see you every 8-12 weeks to monitor your progress, make adjustments as needed and provide more aligners.
  • Brushing and flossing routines are not disrupted since aligners can be removed.

Cons of Invisalign®:

  • Aligners need to be worn almost full time.  At least 21-22 hours of wear a day is needed to see results.
  • Aligners can easily be thrown or lost away.
  • Aligners need be removed when eating, brushing, or drinking anything that isn’t water.

NOTE: Please keep in mind that while we offer all of the treatment options above, Dr. Maslowski or Dr. Michel may determine that one treatment or another will be better suited for your case.

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