Children and Braces

About Children and Braces

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends an orthodontic consultation around age 7.  We agree that this is the best age to seek an orthodontist, as overcrowding, overbites and other alignment problems first start appearing at this age.

When it comes to fixing teeth and jaw alignment issues, catching them sooner means fixing them more easily, which is why many dentists recommend a visit to an orthodontist around age 7.  But even if your dentist doesn’t refer you, you’re always welcome to contact us for a complimentary consultation.

An Orthodontist your kids feel comfortable with

When your child comes in for a complimentary initial visit, they can be nervous about what to expect.  It’s our job as to help ensure the exam and our interactions with them are fun, easy and relaxed to minimize any fear.  We’ll begin by examining their teeth and jaw to find out what problems—if any—exist.  We’ll then work with you to provide options and outline the best course of action.  Finally, we will explain to them in terms they can understand what happens next.

Possibilities include:

Your child has an issue that needs to be corrected before they lose all of their baby teeth—between ages 7-9.  We’ll discuss options including braces and other possible appliances.

Your child has an issue that can’t be corrected until they have most of their permanent teeth—between ages 10-13.

Your child has no issues, but should come back for a free visit once or twice per year so we can monitor their growth and development as part of our observation program.